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About Pamela

Let me share with you a short summary of why I work in criminal law.

Thirteen years ago, my teenage daughter, Sally, was killed in a senseless accident on Cedar Creek Lake.  Her funeral was two days before law school started.  
I was a single mother of seven at that time, and life was a struggle.  Because of some encouragement and wise counsel, I continued with my plans to get my law degree.  However, instead of the corporate, real estate and banking direction I had planned, I found myself following another path.
During law school, I became a spokesperson and researcher for a Coalition for Boating Safety comprised of parents who had lost a child in watercraft related accidents.  I spoke to Senate subcommittees about the need for increased safety regulations on our Texas Lakes.  And, we targeted the unfriendly legislators who would rather have the support of large watercraft industries than make our lakes a safer place to be.  I didn't realize it at the time, but it began my desire to speak out and protest against the oligarchy that our country has become - from watercraft manufacturers to oil industries threatening our environment, abusing property rights, and ignoring the rights of Native Americans.
The criminal justice system turned out to be a better fit for my desire to practice law.  In law school, this meant internships at the U.S. Attorney's Office and the Office of the Federal Public Defender.  After law school, I worked at the Dallas County District Attorney's Office in the Criminal Trial Division, the Public Defender's Office, and eventually a private practice in criminal law.
I understand that qualifications are extremely important in a Judge.  I have confidence that I am the most qualified and experienced candidate in my race.  But I also know that voters desire compassion in a Judge.  This is why I'm sharing my background with you.  I understand the importance of each individual in my courtroom; from lawyers (both sides), clerks, bailiffs, defendants, law enforcement, witnesses and victims.  I've experienced the "ripple-effect" of judicial rulings that many lawyers and candidates would be unaware of.
I'm anxious and ready to serve Dallas County as the Judge of Dallas County Court of Criminal Appeals No. 2.  
I hope that I can let others know that you support me as well.


I’ve tried cases to verdict in Dallas County courtrooms as both a prosecutor and a defense attorney, including countless cases as First Chair in jury trials such as Deadly Conduct, DWI, Family Violence, Drug Possession and Indecent Exposure.  I’ve also argued many, many bench trials (Trials before the Court) for all types of Class A and B misdemeanors.  Additionally, I’ve argued Motions before the Court, including Motions to Suppress the Evidence based on illegal search and seizure, illegal traffic stops, illegal detention, unconstitutional delay, unconstitutional blood draws, and more. I’ve also studied gas chromatography, which is the method of blood testing increasingly used in criminal cases, at Axxion Labs in Chicago, Illinois, precisely because of the responsibility of understanding forensic science and its role at trial.


I’m active in rural Texas environmental issues and enjoy writing about and photographing the people and places of Texas.  I’ve even won some Film Festival Screenplay awards (including Best Short Screenplay) with my script about the enormous power of love from a shy, small quiet woman.  I'm currently working on a feature length screenplay that will illuminate some of the dangers and struggles of non-citizens who cross the Mexico border into Texas to find work.

My photograph from the west Texas area threatened by pipeline construction won first place at the State Fair of Texas.


B.S. from the University of Texas at Austin.  J.D. from Southern Methodist University Dedman School of Law.

Admitted to practice law in the State of Texas.  Member of the Dallas Bar Association (Criminal Section), Dallas County Defense Lawyers Association (DCDLA) and the national defense lawyers association of DUIDLA.

Texas Native, born and raised in Dallas.  Currently resides in Oak Cliff.

I attended Bryan Adams High School and have seven grown children.


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